Book: Narrative Spaces

Narrative Spaces: On the art of exhibiting

Herman Kossmann, Suzanne Mulder, Frank den Oudsten.

The Practice of Design; Between knowing and experiencing, Herman Kossmann, Pg 100…

  • Without the transformation of someones thinking – not much of the narrative will be remembered.
  • If it’s touching – produces experience that will last for a long time.
  • Needs to provide more than just an ‘experience’.
  • Should address intellect, learning and understanding – or ‘knowing’.
  • Experience has predominantly subjective nature – Emotions and associations being triggered.
  •  Understanding and knowing root in reflection; they are aimed at thinking, conceptualising and interpreting, and are more of an abstract nature.
  • ‘Experience’ and ‘knowing’ are two dimensions of insight – mutually influence each other.
  • How to address both??
  • Finding balance between ‘cognitive’ and ‘Sensory’ experience.

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