Final Abstract

The Museum of the Future

Emerging technologies in the spatial experience of culture and heritage.

The immediate aim of my project is to explore opportunities for education and transformative experience, through emerging digital technologies, in the context of the museum. I want to address the problem with traditional educational methods and show how an experience triggers an audience to connect with information that is of importance to be taught through kinesthetic learning. Experiences can be created through immersive blended technologies including projection or projection mapping, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). My research is exploring the benefits of these blended technologies as interactive educational platforms and how they can be used in an exhibition space, specifically museums – and how they are used to enhance a person’s response to information or connectivity to the content displayed.

This research integrates emerging digital technologies with museum based education strategies to construct new teaching platforms that enhance learning experiences. It proposes that creating dynamic opportunities for interaction between learner and content via technology can assist in creating connection and memory.


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