03/03/17 Reflection

The 3 identified key words from my research developed today were Informative, Systems and Interaction. The cluster group I was a part of was people/ experience (community/society). I see my research heading towards community living and areas of how experiences can shape the way a human lives/ interacts. Although these concepts are subject to change I can see myself enjoying this direction of research and development to assist my design process.


Collection of Spatial Works

What I found with assessing my previous spatial works is a category that challenges people in the way they live and think.  majority of my works have an informative aspect to it, whether it is to do with the space teaching people through analysis or critical thinking or others being able to teach in the space. The 3 core concerns I developed were Interactive, Systematic & Informative.

Week 1 Class 1

What does Spatial design reserve mean to me?

What does Spatial design research mean to me?

Assessing perceptions of spaces, lived in, abandoned or publicly used. Spatial design coincides with architectural design, landscape, interior and exhibition space. Spatial design research to me is a way to reflect on any given space and how it has or has not a purpose. How you can understand a space through experience or other knowledge. #firstthoughts