Book – Museum Ideas: Innovation in Theory and Practice

Chapter: ‘Learning’

Youth Engagement today: Building tomorrow’s audience

Author: Jean Franczyk

Pg. 305

Bringing you together to work on an exhibition about the human anatomy – scientific studies of the human. Biomedical science particularly brain science and genetics. The purpose was to create opportunity to put a ‘youth engagement strategy’ into practice.


How it worked-

Recruited out of school youth: 9 girls and 4 boys from across London aged between 13 and 16 years old. They would then learn to create animations and signs for the displays over 12 Saturdays which they also explored the latest biomedical research, select a topic for their on-gallery display, interview scientists as well as working with designers and content experts.

“The group brought objects from older collections to life and their choices of contemporary objects led to new acquisitions. By combining digital content with traditional textual, visual and tangible objects, they created an innovative display that opened up fresh and unexpected routes into the content.”

The strategy:

  • Increased confidence, skill and enjoyment
  • Engaged participants in a challenging project that lived up to its promise to integrate their voices into a major exhibition.
  • Increased the participants’ experience of science and the science museum, with attitudes towards science changing markedly and positively.

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