Cluster catchup

After catching up with Sopanha today we looked into alternative ways to live in the future. for her predominantly the idea of ‘post-capitalism’ and looking into a society withought the use of money or work – just leisure and freedom. I really like this perspective of looking at life with ‘robots’ doing all of the jobs humans usually do. The way we were approaching this concept was to look at humans being able to do the things they wanted to do and freely – if they wanted to do work it is no longer work just more a hobby or lifestyle choice.


Talking about my approach to creating an informative space about learning.. We talked about how I need to start making instead of thinking for a ‘final’ idea. I keep looking for a solution for my questions without developing makings to generate towards a solution. I am going to look outside of the idea of a museum and explore more through research into technologies and sustainable living futures.

Topics to explore:


3D Printing

Projection Mapping




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