03/03/17Image response

06This image to me seems very playful. The cat and mouse is a very childhood like story and the little playhouse the cat has inhabited emphasises the nostalgic feeling of my childhood. Other than the ‘play’ idea I see, there is also a security aspect to this image with the cat ‘protecting’ its fort. I know if I had a house like that I would be protective over it.

The mutual tones of the image come together nicely bringing out the cat boldly in black and white. It enhances the dominance the cat has in this image and the resembles the importance it has of the space it occupies.

The cats security over the fort seems to be a trait it might have taken upon from the protection and affection the owner has shown over the cat in its upbringing. This is shown through the generosity of the owner providing it with its very own house for the cat to have an independent living situation and teach it to have security over its possessions.


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